Welcome to the Search for the Winter Sun

……….and everyone lived happily ever after !!  Well that would be nice wouldn’t it ,  maybe a bit Disney , but what’s wrong with a bit of Disney ,  its just a bit of make believe and we all need a bit of that now and again. 


Pimms anyone?

Well this blog will probably end up as a rant and an attempted expose of  the make believe in the spurious UK window energy rating scheme, its administrators the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).  The Blog will have its feet planted  around the UK window industry, for obvious reasons , but will happily incorporate tales of  personal experiences and outlooks .

Comments will always be welcome, speak your mind , keep it clean, honest and real. I am not expecting a mad rush , but feel free to join in.

I will be ranting, mythbusting and scam investigating. This hopefully, should bring out some interesting stories maybe not Disney stories but certainly  tall tales of evil emperors and of profit seeking skulduggery!

I hope you enjoy.


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